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November 29, 2013
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Fordorsia M13 Heavy Rifle by AirborneLeaf Fordorsia M13 Heavy Rifle by AirborneLeaf
Fordorsia M13 Heavy Rifle

Cartridge: 30x200mmAPF (Armour-Piercing Fragmentation)

Action: Bolt action

Rate of Fire: N/A

Effective Range: 1000m

Maximum Range: 4000m

Capacity: 1

The M13 is an anti-materiel rifle designed to combat the much larger examples of Nağrfirar that started to appear on the battlefields of the Deep War after 1913.
Due to the sheer size of it's cartridge, only one could be loaded and fired at a time and the rifle needed a crew of two men to be used effectively. One man would aim and fire the rifle, while the other would act as the loader and help carry either the receiver or barrel when it is disassembled.
Upon firing, the whole upper assembly, which is mounted on a spring, made up of the barrel and bolt, would recoil backwards and put less strain on the shooter. The loader would turn the bolt, which locks the upper assembly in place, and pull it back before removing the spent casing and inserting a new one. He would then push the bolt forward, cocking the rifle, and turn in downwards, unlocking the upper assembly and allowing it to recoil.
Despite having large recoil spring and muzzle brake, the amount of strain put on the shooter made it relatively unpopular, with many crews arguing amongst themselves as to who's turn it is to shoot it.
Although many normal men who fired it were not happy, any Ulfrans who used it had no difficulty using the rifle thanks to their massive build and the rifle's large trigger guard. Many crews after 1914 were found to be made up of an Ulfran shooter and a Fordorsian loader, increasing it's overall effectiveness while shooting and moving the rifle, as well as further strengthening the relationship of both peoples.
After 1915, however, the 20mm Mk.1 autocannon became widespread in it's use against the Nağrfirar hordes, and it was found to be more effective at killing these larger specimens with sheer volume of fire. The Mk.1 did not phase the M13 out of service though, as it was still used throughout the Deep War as well as WWII as an anti-tank rifle after being fitted with a x10 scope, an improved muzzle brake and replacing the amour-piercing fragmentation shell with a tungsten-cored one. Another model was designed to use a 2-round magazine, but was found to be far too heavy and cumbersome with little positive gain. Only one such model was produced and did not see service.
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