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Fordorsia IBR-57 by Airborneleaf Fordorsia IBR-57 by Airborneleaf
Fordorsia Infantry Battle Rifle Model of 1957

Cartridge: 7.65x50mm

Action: Gas-operated, tilting breechblock

Rate of Fire: 600 rounds per minute

Effective Range: 500m

Maximum Range: 1000m

Feed System: 20-round double-stacked removable box magazine

Just as the SAR Mk.2 A2 went into production, it was decided that a new service rifle would also be adopted along with the new cartridge, and that rifle would be a new model of the SAR Mk.2.
Baring a new name, Infantry Battle Rifle Model of 1957, the IBR featured a thinner barrel, a 20-round box magazine instead of the 30-round magazine of the SAR, and a handguard that now covers most of the barrel as well the the entire gas tube, but would keep the bipod and carry handle.
In 1958, after complaints that the IBR was difficult to use by paratroopers, a carbine model with a much shorter barrel, the IBR-58, was put into production for use mainly by paratroopers.

After the war's end, it was said by many that Fordorsia only survived the war for two reasons. They were on an island, and they had the IBR-57. This is contrary to the ever common belief that Fordorsian spirit was solely to blame for the victory, while others claim that the IBR-57 is a product of Fordorsian spirit, making it a very popular subject of debate to this day.
FFDP-Neko Featured By Owner May 15, 2014
It looks very much like an FN FAL
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